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"STRONG DESIRE" Essential Oil Blend

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"STRONG DESIRE" Essential Oil Blend

Affirmation: “ I feel attractive”

100 % Aphrodisiac


patchouli, ylang ylang, bergamot, fractionate coconut and almond oil.

What it does: 

    • Awakens kundalinienergy
    • Helps to generate own attractive smell
    • Increases sensuality and confidence
    • Opens your heart

How to use it :

apply a few drops on your wrist, neck and chest before you go out and simply smell the bottle with closed eyes for 2-3 minutes by saying the affirmation “ I feel attractive”.


This oil blend is created to awaken your energy in your root and sacral centers.

Living a busy stressed life can sometimes deplete your sacral energy and it is hard to replenish it if you feel exhausted. This blend has patchouli and ylang ylang which are strong aphrodisiacs. Patchouli is grounding you and will help you to accept and love your body as it is. Ylang ylang helps you to open your heart and raise to the frequency of pure love. It is an amazing blend which can be used in the afternoon or late evening to give you the power of sensuality, confidence and feeling attractive. Others will feel this special energy emanating from you and will feel attracted to you as well.


Important notice: all oils have accumulative effect and it is safe to use it on your skin as its mixed with basic oil. It can take 2–3 weeks of steady daily use to see the full effect.

Size: 5 ml

Delivery only within UAE.