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To bring spirituality and wellbeing to the world with all our products and services created with love by 2 Soulmates. Soulmate Yoga means Love Union and Connection. Our logo represents the infinite liberation and expansion of energy within You. Our values are compassion and kindness. Our intention is to create a spiritual movement and build a conscious community. To reunite and connect all the awakened and spiritual people across the world!


Items exactly as described and very quick to ship. Good communication from Soulmate Yoga. Im very happy with the products that I bought :)


Great services and products at good prices. I bought a spiritual T-shirt and a yoga suit for my girlfriend. We love the design and material from Soulmate Yoga.


"I highly recommend Soulmate Yoga to everyone. Their Yoga classes, healing sessions and products are amazing. I have known Soulmate Yoga for more than 2 years and I am very grateful to be part of this lovely community.