Essential Oil Blends

Soulmate Yoga Oils are made of 100 % natural essential oils and it is mixed with coconut and almond oils so it is became a blend.

What do you need to know about our oils :

  • it is a mix of different oils in one blend
  • it is a hand made 
  • we use the best quality of oils 
  • mixing different oils makes stronger effect and increases properties
  • different blends has different effects depends what you need
  • all oils have accumulative effect so more you use it more it goes to your lymphatic system
  • it is safe to use it for a skin
  • our oils can heals skin and diseases 
  • all oils works on energetical level and uplifting vibrations
  • by using oils you are changing your aura and attracting better situations in life

Importtant Instructions:

  • it is safe to apply 2-3 times a day on your skin
  • please don't apply oils on the open skin which will have direct sunshine
  • don't touch areas next to your eyes (if you did so please rinse with cold water)

Delivery only in the UAE.

You can also contact us to do a private aroma therapy session and diagnosis.