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About us

My name is Anastasya Keys

I am originally from Ukraine, but I haven't lived there for more than 10 years.

Since childhood my heart was telling me that I would live abroad somewhere next to the sea and it would be something related to the Spanish culture. For many years I was trying to figure it out until one day I finally did.

I lived in the USA, Poland and UAE, living a "normal" life as an office employee earning money, until 3 years ago my life was totally changed by the touch to my third eye by an Osho Sannyasin. Since that day I started to see things in life with a deeper meaning and I started my long and deep spiritual journey. I dedicated my life to yoga and I became a Yoga and tantra teacher, Vedic astrologist and transformational healing coach.  

I transformed everything in me and I thought I found my mission, but in this long journey the only thing which was missing was my soulmate. 

As an astrologist I always knew that each of us has our own dragon and I needed to find the way to meet him.

One day sitting in a long meditation at the beach in Dubai, I had a vision and a calling that I had to go to live in Bali. I was fighting with this vision for a long time, as my mind couldn't accept it: to leave all your life in Dubai and to go an island without knowing what to do. In the end I decided to take a risk and I followed my heart's intuition so I left everything, bought a one way ticket and arrived to Bali with one small bag...

...keep reading below to find out how I met my soulmate

My name is Walter Alejandro

I’m originally from Ecuador but I grew up in Switzerland. I have lived in the UK, Singapore, Bahamas, Panama and in Dubai since November 2016. 

 A banker by profession but since a very young age I was already questioning the meaning of life and the purpose of our existence. This led me to have an insatiable desire for wisdom and knowledge for Spirituality and to discover the Truth and secrets of Life and the Universe. 

A big turning point in my life came when I was 33 years old. After going through a terrible period of unbalance, I became overweight, depressed and very unhealthy.  I then prayed to God for strength and to show me the way to the Light. I gathered the power to achieve a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual transformation within 3-6 months. I went from weighing 85Kg, eating junk food and no exercises to weighing 65kg, healthier eating habits and unlimited amounts of energy. 

I then embarked on getting certified in many healing modalities in order to help people live healthier and happier lives. I knew that if it was possible for me to transform my life physically and spiritually, I was certain that other people could do the same.  My positive and enthusiastic nature to harmonize the spiritual and physical world resonates with many people. The world is currently going through the greatest shift in consciousness and I’m passionate to contribute to the awakening of humanity. 

After many years of coaching and healing sessions, I realized that the most important key to a healthy, happy and balanced life is the connection to the intelligence within the body. Therefore I decided to become a Yoga Teacher so I went to Bali searching for more answers and for God…

 ...keep reading below to find out how I met my soulmate