Sadhu Nail Boards

 Our Sadhu Nail Boards made of solid oak and specially made for beginners with 8 mm distance between the nails which will help you to do this practice by yourself.

What are the benefits of standing on nails:

  • relieves nervous stress, fatigue and psycho-emotional arousal.
  • strengthens your body and immune system
  • helps to train yourself to get control over your mind and learn how to work with your fears
  • helps you to connect with your body and find the answers within yourself 
  • affects the reflex points of the feet, balancing the activity of internal organs and systems
  • Improve the flow of energy in the body, eliminating energy "blockages" in the channels, which often cause diseases
  • Move into the "Here and Now"


If you need an instruction how to stand on nails or a fully guided private session in person or online please contact us after you purchase it.