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Private Session with Ravi Om and Anastasiia Ravi Oma

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Soulmate Yoga is a project of  2 soulmates: Anastasiia Ravi Oma and Ravi Om who manifested each other through spiritual practices. 

One day Anastasiia came to Bali following the guidance of her heart and intuition to find love. Ravi came to Bali searching for God and to become a Yoga Teacher.  

Although Anastasiia and Ravi had lived in Dubai for years and attended similar salsa, yoga and meditation workshops, they never met in Dubai. The Divine works in mysterious ways and only once you are ready, the right person appears in your life at the right time and at the right place. 

Anastasiia was organizing the Yoga Teacher Training in Bali and Ravi was a new yoga student. They realized since day one they are soulmates who manifest each other through their many spiritual practices. 

When they met, they had a very deep sense of trust and familiarity since they already knew each other from previous lifetimes. They immediately became one and have been inseparable since then. 

For the moment they live together in Dubai and they are spreading their love and harmony in everything they do. They inspire many to believe in love and relationships again. They give different yoga classes, organize workshops and teach people how to manifest their soulmate and how to find purpose and happiness in life. 

You can sign up for consultation with them with following modalities:

1. Tantra basic for couples

2. Relationship consultation

3. Energy healing session

4. Soulmate manifestation and tantra workshop 

5.Yoga private classes and sound healing

To read more about us please follow a link or simply book a session.