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"FEEL GOOD" Essential Oil Blend

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"FEEL GOOD" Essential Oil Blend

Affirmation: “ I feel happy”

100 % hand made natural product


wild orange, lemon, cedarwood, tea tree, fractionate coconut and almond oil.

What it does: 

    • Uplifts the mood
    • Develops inner joy
    • Makes positive changes
    • Helps to be more friendly

How to use it :

apply a few drops on your wrist, neck and chest during the day and simply smell the bottle with closed eyes for 2-3 minutes by saying the affirmation “ I feel happy”.  

This blend is created to support your good mood during the day. The special ingredients here are cedarwood and wild orange.

Cedarwood helps you to create a friendly relationship with yourself and others. It will also makes you feel that you belong to this world and that you are always at the right place at the right time. Wild orange is one of the best oils to find your inner child and to bring inner joy to your life. It also helps you to find solutions for any situation as well as to create more abundance in your life. It is a special blend which will help you to stay positive, feel appreciated, happy and uplifted during the whole day.


Important notice: all oils have accumulative effect and it is safe to use it on your skin as its mixed with basic oil. It can take 2–3 weeks of steady daily use to see the full effect.

Size: 5 ml

Delivery only within UAE.